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A discussion list is a subscription-based email list for discussion purposes. All subscribers can post messages to all other subscribers. Whenever one list member sends an email message to the list address, it is sent to all of the list members. Discussion lists can also be monitored where all messages go through a list moderator and are posted as are deemed appropriate for the list. As with the announce list, clients or members may unsubscribe at any time.

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  • Web-based member management: Add and delete members via web interface.
  • Control who can join: Make your site open (anyone can join); private (new members must be approved); password-protected (new members must know password to join); or closed (new members are added manually).
  • Failsafe unsubscribing: default message footer contains the member's email address and instructions for unsubscribing. Lyris automatically recognizes the member and unsubscribes them. No more "get me off this list" messages.
  • Web interface: Makes it easy for people to subscribe, leave and change their settings. Can also search, read and contribute from the web.
  • Confirmation: New subscriptions can send a "are you sure you want to join" message to confirm their email address, and to ensure someone else did not subscribe that person as a prank.
  • Protected membership: Mailing lists can be set up so that new members must be a) approved by an administrator b) must know the new member password c) can join without approval d) cannot join, the administrator must add them.
  • Visitors: mailing lists can allow visitors, who can read and search the archives on the web, but who cannot contribute to the group.
  • Moderating: supports several moderating models. All members can be moderated, selected members can be moderated, selected members can be unmoderated (but everyone else is). You can specify one or several individuals to approve messages.
  • Number moderating: an option for new members to have their first few messages approved, thereafter they can contribute unmoderated.
  • Spam protection: number moderating feature virtually eliminates spam. By requiring new members to have their first message approved, you can keep spammers from joining your list just to spam it.
  • Web based moderating: you can approve or reject batches of messages at a time using the web interface.
  • Date moderating: can have moderated messages be automatically approved after a given time period.
  • Archives (optional): Archive announcements which can be read via the web interface.
  • Fast text searching: All archives are indexed for fast searching.
  • Sub-Domains: Use your own domain, ie (extra fee applies).


One time per list setup fee based on number of existing list members.

Number of MembersSetup Fee
2,001 - 10,000$50
10,001 - 50,000$75

Monthly rate: $1 for every 1,000 messages based on a 10k message size. (20k message = $2/1,000, etc.)

Minimum: $30 per month billed quarterly


  • Sub-Domain Capability: $15 per month billed quarterly

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