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Communication Servers

  • The extremely popular and widely-used IMAP or Sendmail E-mail server. Supports all common e-mail protocols, including POP3, IMAP, POP. Works with all Internet e-mail client software, such as MS-Outlook, Netscape Communicator, and Eudora. Unlimited number of user accounts.

  • #1 web server in the world: Apache. Apache is fast, powerful, simple, and reliable. It's the webserver included in IBM's professional eCommerce software and the preferred server for Sun's Solaris. Host your site with the software professionals choose.

  • A robust database fully integrated with the web server. MySQL is an efficient and simple SQL database, perfect for including live data in your website, and natively supported in the Apache web server.

  • Use Dynamic web pages on your site. Dynamic pages allow you to do things like customize the site for individual visitors and display real-time information. The simple PHP language is used to extend standard HTML web pages. Because it all runs on your webserver, vistors to your site don't need any special software and they don't need to turn on browser options like Javascript or 'cookie' support. You can even include PERL scripts without knowing CGI programming.

  • Offer secure communications to your website visitors with industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Prevents Internet 'eavesdroppers' from tapping into confidential information. Supported by Netscape, Microsoft, AOL, and other common web browsers.

  • Exchange data files with your customers and business partners over the Internet without compromising your security. An FTP server lets customers and partners retrieve and post files to a secure location. Automate the exchange of business-to-business eCommerce and EDI files. Publish files, like marketing materials, for use only by authorized persons.

  • Add native Microsoft Active Server Page (ASP) support to Apache with ChiliSoft. Move your current ASP website to a more reliable platform without changing a single web page!

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