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Email Protection (Spam & Virus Filtering)

SelectNet's Email Protection Service provides an integrated email security solution that blocks spam, viruses and other email-borne threats before they reach email system. Web based management gives system administrators a comprehensive set of tools to secure email connections and regulate email delivery. By keeping volumes of junk email off of your network, we help free up network resources and contain costs. In addition to anti-spam and anti-virus technology, this service defends against Directory Harvest Attacks - an aggressive technique that spammers use to gather email addresses by running scripts against SMTP.


  • Sophisticated Spam Filtering
  • Real-Time Virus Protection
  • Proactive SMTP Connection Security
  • Email Delivery Management
  • Event-Based Alerts
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

How does Email Protection work?
Unlike other solutions that filter email at the desktop, server or gateway, this service is positioned between the Internet and your network, creating a secure wall around your email system that extends to the email entry point - the Internet. All incoming email is routed through secure data centers and is scanned by a sophisticated heuristic-rules engine, which analyzes every part of an email message - from the IP address of the sender to the message content, including language/lexicon and information presented in text, HTML, graphics and images. This process is executed in a highly secure, automated environment that prevents anyone from viewing valid email. And email is never stored to disk. Spam Buster provides email administrators the necessary tools that make it easy to review quarantined email and monitor traffic flow.

Email Protection Advantages:
Compatible with any email system or server No additional hardware, software, or ongoing maintenance All updating is done automatically at no additional cost No need for lengthy inventory and system qualification audits Unique administrative capabilities, providing more control and flexibility Reduced bandwidth, mail server CPU cycles, message storage and IT labor resources.

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