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Web Hosting Services Support

File Uploading

Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

The process by which files are transferred from your local computer to our web server is called "FTP" (File Transport Protocol). Your web hosting account allows unlimited access via FTP 24-hours a day. Therefore, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to our web server at your leisure. Some website editing/design programs incorporate FTP into their features. If your website software does not include FTP (upload) capabilities, or you do not use such software, you will need to use an FTP program to upload your files.

Below is a list of useful FTP programs:

Attention Microsoft FrontPage Users!!

Customers with Microsoft FrontPage extensions installed on their sites should use only the FrontPage publishing feature to transfer files. Using regular FTP can corrupt the extensions, disabling the functionality of the FrontPage web and requiring that the site be deleted to reinstall the extensions. This may result in additional hosting charges to you!!

Viewing Web Pages Online

Webmasters often modify HTML documents and re-upload it to the server. After returning to their web browser they click RELOAD only to find the original document unchanged. This is a common occurence which happens because most browsers save information, or cache the web page, so they don't have to download it again. It can be remedied, depending on your browser, by clearing your browser's cache, or deleting the temporary Internet files. The location of this option is different for each browser. Use the help menu in your browser if you do not know where it is.

My FTP program is saying that I cannot connect to the server. What should I do?

  1. If you are denied access AFTER entering your user id and password, you may be using the wrong username or password. Check the hosting configuration information sent to you when your account was first set up. Be sure the host name, username, and password are all correct. Remember, your user name and password is CasE SenSItiVE, meaning upper and lower case letters must be entered as such. Also be sure that you are actually connected to the Internet. If you still have trouble contact support.
  2. If you cannot connect at all, or connect and then "hang", there may be problems with connectivity. If you have connection through SelectNet, please call us during normal business hours. If you connect through another ISP, you will need to contact them to help you troubleshoot the problem.

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