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E-Mail Services Support

POP3 E-Mail Server

This is the "incoming" e-mail server, which holds your e-mail until your e-mail program checks for new mail. If you have some, it is then downloaded to your computer for viewing. We ask that you set your e-mail program to then delete the read messages from our server once it is downloaded. Our incoming e-mail server name is "".

SMTP E-Mail Server

This is the "outgoing" e-mail server, which sends your e-mail to the recipient. Our outgoing e-mail server name is "".

E-Mail Aliasing

We offer unlimited "aliasing" for our e-mail accounts. This means that you can have ficticious names, such as "", point to one or more e-mail accounts (e-mail boxes). Simply sumbit our online request form or fill out our printable form (PDF format) and fax back to us. Turnaround time is usually 1 business day.

Add/Delete E-mail Accounts

Adding and deleting e-mail is simple. To add an e-mail account submit our online request form. To delete and email account send an e-mail to Support. Turnaround time is usually 1 business day.

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