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If you already have a server, and need a place to park it, SelectNet Internet Services is your choice. Whether you have a rack mount or stand alone tower, we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Special Features:

  • Secure, climate-controlled facility
  • Redundant Internet connectivity
  • 24-hour Internet connectivity monitoring
  • Battery backup power supply
  • Emergency generator power supply
  • IP addresses (as justified) at no additional cost.

Order Form (PDF)


Pricing is based on the following components: Rack Space options and Bandwidth (Internet Access).

1) Rack Space

Rack Space Options Initial Fees Monthly Fee*

1U Base Price



Additional Server Space $0 $50/U

Redundant Power $0 $30

For example, a 2U colocated server with a redundant power supply in use would be $179/month (plus the $100 one time Initial Fee). To calculate per the above table: the first 1U is $99 + $50/U for 1 extra U (2U server) + $30 for the redundant power connection = $179/month total.

*Plus Bandwidth charges (below)

2) Bandwidth (Internet Access)

Your Colocation machine(s) will need Bandwidth (Internet Access) in addition to rack space. Our colocation service includes 500 GB/month data transfer per machine. Additional bandwidth will be billed at the rate listed below.

 Bandwidth Options  Monthly Fees

Base 500 GB/month


Ethernet Connection
(Burstable to 100 Mbps)

Additional Data Transfer $0.20/GB/month

3) Add-on Services:

Remote Hands Level A:

    Remote Hands Level A services involves the most basic activities of an on-site technician, performed with "eyes", "ears", and "fingers", but without involvement of tools, equipment, physical labor, keyboard or other data input. The following types of tasks are examples of what are included in this service:
    • Pushing a button
    • Switching a toggle
    • Setting a dip switch
    • Power cycling (turning off and on equipment)
    • Securing cabling to connections
    • Observing, describing or reporting indicator lights or displaying information on machines or consoles
    Any services to be performed on behalf of the customer must be by prior written instruction. No real-time instructions by the customer will be allowed with this service. Other types of service, including troubleshooting, configuration, etc. can be provided under a separate service agreement.

    $115/hour (15 min minimum)

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